ECMMA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Commitment Statement

ECMMA is working to provide information and resources to help you with your DEI journey. In October 2020 we created a DEI Committee and in January 2021 we published the statement below to show our commitment to this work. Throughout the year we will add information and resources here and keep you informed of our progress.

ECMMA brings together early childhood music and movement educators, teacher trainers, and researchers from many different teaching philosophies, methods, and cultural backgrounds. Through our work we have the unique opportunity to directly influence children and families in their formative years. ECMMA celebrates the richness of musical traditions from around the world, and embraces the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all that we do.

ECMMA is committed to:

  • Assess where we are as an organization in terms of DEI
  • Continue to explore our understanding of DEI
  • Create resources to support members in their work
  • Engage with DEI work beyond ECMMA
  • Share perspectives and ideas
  • Spark dialogue and reflection in our membership and beyond

We look forward to learning from each other as we access the challenges and possibilities of DEI and apply these values to our work.