COVID-19 has presented ECMMA with an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and bring research-based early childhood music and movement practice to more children and families when they desperately need it most. Practitioners around the world, now more than ever, need networking, mentoring support, community connection, and accessible professional development that is tailored specifically for them on an online platform.

ECMMA has decided it is time to #Reinvent

With a campaign goal of $20,000, ECMMA will transform how it brings vital resources to our members and so many more groups who benefit from this amazing practice. With your help, we can bring meaningful musical experiences into the lives of more children during this difficult and challenging time.

If you have been positively impacted by the power of music, we invite you to partner with us with a gift of any size to help bring music making to children in meaningful and impactful ways through newly empowered practitioners.

Join us today as a Reinvent Partner with a gift of any size!

ECMMA is a 501c3 non-profit organization